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Finding Inspiration Through a Common Passion Fueled by Curiosity.

The Sleeping Barber Podcast is a place where business leaders can get the best and most credible information on marketing, strategy and innovation. Our hosts share their experiences and gather insights from the world's leading experts to ensure you, our listeners are always armed with the most current information.  We hope you enjoy your time with us! 



Marc and Vassilis first met while working for Canada's largest sports retailer. At the time, Marc lead all social media activity, while Vassilis led the digital marketing discipline. Naturally, both Marc and Vassilis worked closely together bringing to life many campaigns for the retailer during their shared tenure. At the time, much of the digital strategies utilized were heralded as digital best practices from industry experts helping the retailer achieve record results.

The shared passion for marketing and innovation fueled many conversations over the years, but it was their shared ambition to become better marketers that sparked their curiosity in wanting to learn from the best saw them bring the  Sleeping Barber Podcast to life.  


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